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NextHome’s proprietary technology enables every NextHome agent to conduct business efficiently from their home, car, or any other convenient location. That is why we encourage you to work where you are comfortable, your home office with your dog under your desk or your kitchen table with the sun streaming through the window. Flexibility is freedom and freedom is happiness!

We offer a comfortable work spaces in Boston that reflect our desire for our agents to be able to work on the go and drop in when they need to meet with clients or just have a quiet place to work. Our collaborative work space is conveniently located in the Cleary Square section of Hyde Park.  Drop in and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, one of the 4 computers, the telephone, charging stations and grab a beverage or snack! This crisp, modern office has all the latest tools, technology, and the added bonus of over 100 feet of prime window space.

At NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions, we believe the freedom to work where you are comfortable is key. Unshackle yourself from cubicles, big offices and did i mention NO DESK FEES!


Our company culture speaks to who we are and the type of agent we attract.

Support. We believe a well-supported agent results in a well-served client. Which is why we are committed to offering the highest level of products, services, tools, and technology available.

Teamwork. Together our agents collaborate, learn from each other, and support each other while building their businesses.

Success is different to everyone, but certainly for each person it is some combination of financial stability or achievement, freedom and time to enjoy friends, family and life experiences. We work closely with our agents to support them in their journey to success.

Freedom to work where and when you want, whether it is a shared office space, a home office, a coffee shop or a pool lounger.

Life. Oh, and we like to have fun, laugh, travel, spend time with friends and family, eat good food, drink great wine, and make good money! Yeah, we said it. We like making money and we bet you do to.

Our people truly are a reflection of our culture. We invite you to discover if NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions is a great fit for you and a place you’d be proud to say“This is my Next Home!”



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